They're just rice wrapped with seaweed. 4Kids is a very hateful organisation organization. When Team Rocket shows Todd the pictures of Ash's Pikachu, he doesn't have any stripes on his back. But I don't feel like stating them. What was the worst/most hilarious 4kids edit made to the anime? This episode is featured on Volume 12: Treecko from Viz Media's Pokémon All-Stars series. So far, Pokemon is the only one which had decent voice actors and theme songs. Pikachu's missing stripes. This indicates that 4Kids was aware of the fact that they inconsistently reference rice balls as donuts, sandwiches, cookies, and popcorn balls and decided to poke fun at themselves about it. In fact, there was one episode where they DID keep rice balls, but called them doughnuts. The title of this episode references "a tale with a twist". The music and scripts were also rewritten to suit American children (Tsukayama, 2016). I'm glad 4kids are not longer dubbing Pokemon. This is one of the rare occasions in the 4Kids dub that rice balls have been referred to as such instead of something more Western. Japanese food was replaced with American foods because the company worried that American children wouldn’t recognize rice balls were food, leading to the (in)famous scene of Brock referring to rice balls as jelly donuts (Champers, 2012). Yet another one coming from the fan-favorite Brock. 4kids didn't have anything against rice, they had a problem with letting American kids get affiliated with Japanese culture and traditions. When Todd is trying to get Pikachu's picture, the napkin he had tied around his neck disappears. While stopping to rest on their journey through the Kanto Region, Ash and friends decide to snack on some onigiri (rice balls). Things 4Kids hates . However, I will say it's because of what they did to Pokemon. What I can't understand is why something that was once all right was considered to be something wrong. The first being that 4Kids could've/should've teamed up with Funimation or ADV to release uncensored versions. 4Kids hates Rice Balls is a phrase used in association with Lolcalization to draw attention to the episodes of Pokemon in which rice balls and other traditional Japanese food are edited out and replaced with typically American foods including large sandwiches and doughnuts. Errors. 4kids changes that. Some of them even have a special filling like red bean paste or custard. Others such as Yugioh and One piece has little to not emotion at all. Eventually VIZ did release uncensored versions of Yugioh on DVD, but years later, with only a few volumes coming out. However, in the 4Kids dub, they clearly wanted to Americanize the anime as much as possible. This is one of the few 4Kids episodes in which rice balls are referred to properly. From riceballs to jelly filled donuts? or submarine sandwiched? Discussion As I've been going through the Pokemon anime from the start, I've noticed that 4kids changed a lot of things in the name of "localisation", including our old favourites of "jelly-filled donuts", "chicken noodle soup and the introduction of giant sandwiches. In one episode of Pokémon , James makes some muffled sounds after being partially swallowed by his Victreebell. 4Kids were releasing DVDs though VIZ, they were doing so from the early days of pokemon. But nope. I have my reasons for hating 4kids. 4Kids Hates Rice Balls.