Program Highlights: For any size trophy collection – small or large. 19. (Turn your device horizontal/landscape to use, With our decades of experience & absolute unyielding passion for Africa, we organize, First published in 1882 by Rowland Ward Limited, the. 1 WATERBUCK. Safari Club International (SCI) is a not-for-profit organization of hunters whose primary missions are to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation. Please choose the number of hunting days and species you wish to harvest from the trophy list and then inquire about available dates. This will assure you a long and beautiful memory of your hunting adventure. SIGNIFICANCE TO HUMANS Appearance. 27. 58. This antelope is almost always found near to a water source. Their impressive horns sweep back from the base and outwards, before curling forwards towards the tips. Bigger herds of red lechwe can be found in Namibia and Botswana. LECHWE - RED. 63. Horns will often tend to wear down with age. All year. 52. You may hunt our Trophy Red Lechwe using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol hunting, Safari style, or from a Blind. 28 3/4. The Lechwe is a medium-sized antelope, closely related to the Waterbuck. The lechwe’s hind legs are longer than those the front allowing them to able to run in the swamps and muddy areas where they occur. 5. 13. Lechwe Hunting Season. Red Lechwe Plains Game Hunt. Red Lechwe is an introduced species and has adapted well to open savannah. Though usually found on the floodplains of Botswana and northern Namibia, ranching has made it available for pursuit in South Africa. They tend to like to watch hunters from a distance that makes them just out of range. US citizens are the keenest trophy hunters on the planet. Big Game Taxidermy - Life Size Mounts Gallery. 6. This antelope is almost always found near to a water source. Here you can get info regarding trophy sizes, measurement techniques and records from the leading record books Plains Game Trophy Minimums – SCI and Rowland Ward *Measurements in inches SCI ROWLAND WARD Species Name MINIMUM MINIMUM BOW MINIMUM Blesbok 40 35 16 1/2 Bontebok 37 32 14 Buffalo – Cape or Southern 101 90 […] Lower Risk/Near Threatened. Minimum trophy size for entry into the Rowland Ward Records of Big Game is 26 inches. Should you get too close, however, they will flee, so a long distance shot is needed. Red Lechwe have a thick reddish golden brown coat, with a white underbelly. Overall Size: W. 20″ D. 23″ H. 41″ ... Be the first to review “Lechwe – Red Lechwe” Cancel reply. Exporting even just one part or some of the animals you hunt will mean no VAT tax needs to be charged. ORIBI. Bulls mature at five years. It is dependent on water, so it is never too far from a source. Taking your trophies home: Hunting Trophy Nile Lechwe. A member of the medium size antelope family, the red lechwe has dark markings on its front legs and a slanting body which makes the shoulders slope lower than the croup. Males are also noticeably bigger than females. 35. Flood and earthquake coverage is included! Nile lechwe. The red lechwe is one of the more unique antelope species available for hunting. Limcroma Safaris operates full service South African safari adventures on almost 200,000 acres of privately owned land and closely managed hunting concessions. The Bedford area is fortunate to have several free-ranging lechwe herds. NYALA. With over 45 species of game, South Africa is truly a world in one country. You will find this antelope in swampy areas as well as in reed beds near to rivers. Packages are tailored to suit individual requirements for a wide variety of plains game. Red Lechwe trophies weigh in at around 200 pounds. The wild inhabitants is estimated at 30,000–40,000 animals (nearly 95% of these within the Sudd), and is doubtlessly jeopardized by water improvement initiatives that cut back their habitat. With over 50,000 members and 180 chapters in the US and around the world, SCI and its members are passionate about hunting and about wildlife conservation. 24. As his long-standing friend, author Wilbur … 26. LEOPARD. We give the trophy hunter an opportunity to collect game species which are endemic to most of Africa. tall at the shoulders, and weighs between 200 and 260 lb. If you are looking for a thrilling and challenging hunt, hunting red lechwe is certainly going to deliver. Origin: Africa Horn Size: 27-37 inches Weight: 190-300 Estimated World Population: 100,000+ Found in marshy areas, Red Lechwes use the shallow marshes to protect themselves from predators. PBGSO Kafue Lechewe hunts in Texas allow our clients the opportunity to harvest trophy size Kafue Lechwe. The Lechwe is an antelope found in wetlands of South central Africa. 33 1/4. 8 1/2. Their diet consists mainly of water grasses and dry grass. 56. Trophy Donations Raise Questions in Congress By Marc Kaufman Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 5, 2005; Page AOl GERING, Neb. Every hunting party receives individual attention, and this helps us to give each of our clients a unique African experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives. These may be booked year round either in conjunction with another safari or on its own. Red lechwe is a popular trophy but their numbers are limited in South Africa. 1 LECHWE, Red. One interesting characteristic of the red lechwe is that while it is a strong swimmer, it is not fast on dry land. SCI’s Trophy Insurance provides comprehensive coverage based on an “agreed value,” all risk basis. The Lechwe is an antelope of medium size, measuring 35-40 inches at the shoulder and average live weight being 220 pounds. When hunting with Limcroma Safaris, clients enjoy pursuing more than 45 species of trophy class African plains game including big greater kudu, gemsbok, impala, warthog and blue wildebeest.