as many as 87 bastions rising up to 15 to 18 metres, the double wall that follows the foot of the hill on which the bastion stands,' the East Gate, one of the biggest entrances of the fort and; a three- storeyed armoury building. People from abroad can also come here through air transport. b) Qutub Shahi Dynesty. Golconda Fort is a grand structure built on a hill of altitude 400 feet with a circumference of 7 km displaying the beautiful fusion of Hindu-Islamic style of architecture. How many bastions are there in Golconda Fort? d) Tuglak Dynesty. Q3) In which era did the Qutub Shahi sultans rule? Hyderabad is also connected to many cities through road transport as APSRTC provides good bus service. Fateh Rahben gun, a cannon used by Aurangzeb to demolish the blockades of Golconda Fort, is an important exhibit of this fort. The walls of the fort have 87 bastions and 8 gates each measuring up to a height of 60 feet. Golconda Fort, also known as Golkonda (Telugu. Still, later it was enhanced to excellent citadel construction with granite and stone walls- 87 bastions, eight big gates, and circumference was about 7km. The airport is around 20km away from the city. There is an old tree in Golconda fort which is about 80 feet in circumference. Q2) Who built the Golconda fort? Golconda Fort took the initiative of making the surrounding area its own well planned township in Deccan Plateau. The doors are made of teakwood. 92 e. For how long did Aurangzeb army camp outside Golconda Fort to capture it? Through these gates an elephant with its mahout would easily pass. There is an old tree in Golconda Fort which is about 800 years old. 7. Which emperor’s canon is kept in Golconda Fort?Auranzeb b. There are eight important gates at the Golconda Fort. The Majnu Burj and other structures were built after the Mughal attack on Golconda Fort in 1656. Bala Hissar Darwaza, Fateh Darwaza, Banjara Darwaza,Moti Darwaza, Patancheru Darwaza, Mecca Darwaza,Yali Darwaza, etc. 78 iv. fred18 fred18 Answer: The Golconda fort consists of 87 semicircular bastions. c) Rajput Dynesty. The main features of Golconda Fort are its royal palaces, efficient water supply system, and whispering walls. 2 weeks ii.8 weeks iii.2 months iv.8 months Answer the following questions in short. A view of the Burj (bastion) on the outher fortification wall of the Golconda fort which lies in a neglected state state. There are 87 bastions across the fortification wall of the fort. a) 87. b) 97. c) 38. d) 47. 87 bastions are there in Golconda fort. pls do mark as brainliest.. New questions in Science. There are three main railway stations in Hyderabad from where many trains depart to and arrive from various destinations. a) 1518 to 1687. b) 1700 to 1760. c) 1410 to 1490. d) 1805 to 1850. i. "shepherds' hill") is a fortified citadel and an early capital city of the Qutb Shahi dynasty (c.1512–1687), located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.Because of the vicinity of diamond mines, especially Kollur Mine, Golconda flourished as a trade centre of large diamonds, known as the Golconda Diamonds. The Qutub Shahi quake-proof architecture may have kept the Golconda Fort unrattled for five centuries, but official negligence is now taking a heavy t ... ramparts and bastions… a) Mugal Dynesty. Its wall comprises of 8 gates and 87 bastions each one reaching the height of 50-60 feet. i. Golconda Fort is constructed on a 400 feet high hill and boasts the mesmerizing blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture style. There are three powerful consecutive fortification walls each within the other. Q4) How many bastions are there in the Golconda fort? 67 ii.87 iii. explain the formation of sedimentary rocks in your own words Explanation: Hope it helps!! The fort houses the beautiful and spacious resting chambers of … a.
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