Turn the mate right-side up. You will most likely use one according to the size of your mate. Sweeteners include stevia, maple syrup, honey or any variety of sugar. While most straws are metallic, there are also some made of bamboo, plastic, and other things. Insert bombilla directly in the void (waterhole), alongside the gourds wall. I love hearing people's different advice. Hi r/tea, I really want to start drinking Yerba Mate, but don't want to shell out money for a gourd and bombilla before I know wether it's something I'll drink consistently or not.So my question is, is there anyway to prepare Yerba Mate well without the traditional equipment to do so? You sit and gossip and pass the gourd to your right until an entire liter of hot water has been used up. If using a gourd, please note that the first few times you use it, the stain on the gourd will bleed. So as an alternative, you can simply use any cup lying around. Get a bombilla here: http://circleofdrink.com/product-category/bombilla Here’s a simple illustration on preparing yerba mate. But as technology has advanced, it’s uncommon to use or find one. Since I like to take advantage of the health benefits Yerba mate has to offer, I use a natural sweetener, stevia. 2. What’s the Best Water Temperature for Yerba Mate? It has a long list of health benefits and equally strong social benefits. During winter months, I like the warmth of the natural gourd and during the summer, gravitate more towards a glass mate. Healing Blends and accessories for drinking yerba mate. 5. My mom would drink it there, while she was cooking or talking on the phone. Learn how to use a yerba mate bombilla. Yerba Mate is an important infusion that is enjoyed in the southern countries of South America, namely Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Your email address will not be published. I thought I was going to die. Traditional Yerba Mate. In time, these antiquated bombillas evolved into precious metals and steels, creating a bombilla for the modern Matero, or yerba mate enthusiasts. Some mates have little powder and high amounts of leaves and stems, such as Classical Argentine mates. Here, we’ll cover the step by step process for preparing yerba … Each has different advantages and different feels. It has a deep repository of health benefits, primarily: increased concentration and focus; natural energy; helps the body deal with internal and external stress; boosts the immune system; excellent for your heart and blood pressure; helps regulate diabetes; and, of course, its fantastic ability to heighten your mood and induce feelings of happiness. You will want to fill the gourd with a few tablespoons of mate the first time you drink. Dampen the tea with room temperature water. You can sweeten either the Yerba mate itself or the water. Customer Support: support@circleofdrink.com, Join our newsletter for additional education and insight. In other words, I like the temperature of the water "just so.". Yerba mate is a holly plant from South America. Weaker than Argentinians would prefer, but delicious! Yerba Mate - Loose leaf Yerba is a kind of tea. Read on for more details…. Add a few ice … When that happened, my midwife told me to stop drinking coffee altogether (and stop other things for that matter!) Add a little room temperature water to one side of the gourd filled with your tea. http://circleofdrink.com/yerba-mate-health-benefits, http://circleofdrink.com/the-art-of-yerba-mate-bombillas, http://circleofdrink.com/official-yerba-mate-buying-guide, http://circleofdrink.com/adaptogenic-herbs-explained-reduce-stress-and-fight-disease, Types of Bombillas for Drinking Yerba Mate, Brewing Cold Yerba Mate Tea – Comprehensive Guide. Depending on the cut and strength of mate, expect to use about a half liter (2 cups) of water per “hemisphere.”. It’s a convenient metal straw with a filter, used to draw up hot, infused mate from the gourd. Mate - This is the gourd, or cup used to contain the loose leaf Yerba mate and what you will pour the hot water into. The cut of the mate is the combination of leaves, stems, and powder. Selection of yerba mate gourds and bombillas at a street vendor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1. Use this bombilla with Classical Argentine cuts, with high amounts of stems and leaves. In other words, it might be easier for you to take a thermos to your desk rather than a tea kettle. A bombilla (pronounced bawm-bee-yah) is a tool used to drink mate. 4. My father would drink mate on a leisurely Sunday morning, always making it a bit sweeter for me before he handed it over. Bombilla (pronounced bomb-bee-ya) is a metallic strainer straw used to strain out the Yerba mate leaves. There are two primary types of bombillas: double action and spoon. Refill and sip until the water has washed away the flavor (6-10 fills.) This awakens the tea. Fill gourd about 2/3rds full. 2. place mate inside your gourd, place your hand over the top of the gourd and shake. Tereré isn’t consumed in just any gourd. It began to be quite a comfort. There are two requisites for drinking yerba mate traditionally: Today, we’ll be discussing the latter. If that doesn’t work, completely remove (unplug) the bombilla and thoroughly rinse both ends with warm water before replacing in gourd. Play with the amount of Yerba, play with fun mates (a cup that holds the loose leaf tea) and different bombillas. She decided to partner with me and together, we created "Love from Argentina." Others prefer to fill the gourd with Yerba mate or ground coffee, fill with water and let sit for 24 hours. The bombilla is a special straw used for drinking the yerba mate that enables consumers to filter the tea leaves so that you are not consuming the leaves and twigs with every sip you take of your yerba mate. Yerba Mate Too Bitter? Place your bombilla on the side of the glass where there is empty space. You can either wash the outside with warm soap and water or just place a paper towel under for a few uses or until the color sets and stops running. Any water that is too hot will “wash” the tea leaves and make a very weak tea after a few servings. Sweetener - Most need to sweeten the mate. Some are shaped like spoons, with dozens of small holes as filters; others have more sophisticated mechanisms, with multiple layers of filters, such as the double action bombilla. Heat until water is steaming, but does not boil. Use filtered water. I either add the loose leaf organic stevia leaves to the Yerba, or I place a few drops of liquid stevia into my thermos. This will minimise the amount of yerba clogged in the holes. It’s an essential tool when drinking yerba traditionally out of a mate (gourd). You drink it right away because it is strong and gets too bitter for me if you wait too long. So, you pour and sip, pour and sip. There was a level of coziness to this, a level of "connection to self," and after a few days, I knew I would never go back. Next, place your hand on the top of the gourd, turn it upside-down, shake it, then turn it on its side and shake it again. When drinking Gaucho Mate (mate with high powder content, usually from Brazil and Uruguay), use a spoon bombilla. I have always loved drinking Yerba mate. The bombilla is placed inside the mate and after hot water is poured in, the mate is sipped through the straw. If it needs a bit of sweetener, add more. After a time or two putting it together, you will see it only takes a few minutes to make. The Yerba mate does not steep. Without the bombilla, there’s no drinking mate. weight loss, antioxidant, strengthens immune system, natural constipation relief, reduce blood pressure. For as long as I can remember, we always had a gourd filled with Yerba in the kitchen. Slowly revert gourd to 45º to gently pour cold or room temp water (this is called Dummy Water), helping to protect the herb’s vital nutrients from the hot water (set gourd down for 1 minute.). With a small spoon or your finger, scoop out all the tea. 3. After inverting your mate gourd, revert it back to 45º, creating a slope of dry yerba mate; insert the bombilla alongside slope, with spout facing opposing side of slope (towards you); add hot water into the void (aka ‘waterhole’) and begin to enjoy your yerba mate until it’s tasteless. The bombilla is used so that you can drink the water without getting tea leaves into your mouth. Unless you’re drinking mate cocido, bagged mate, … Place straw in tilted gourd. After water has sat pour water into your gourd. Allow the tea leaves to "swell." Cover the glass with your palm and turn it sideways so that the yerba mate will be on the other side. The easiest is to let the mate "cure itself" with use. This caffeine-rich concoction of chopped and dried yerba maté, prepared in a maté (gourd) and drunk through a bombilla (silver straw), is their beloved national drink. My friend Pamela Saunders immediately loved the idea and saw the magic. I have always loved drinking Yerba mate. Rumor has it that you can’t spread diseases or bacteria by sharing a bombilla, but personally, I would limit the amount of people I share my straw with and choosy about who I share it with. Too hot will burn your tongue and will also weaken the taste of the tea. To clean, place in a saucepan with water and a little vinegar and bring to the boil. The tea goes into the gourd. My father would drink mate on a leisurely Sunday morning, always making it a bit sweeter for me before he handed it over. We know that it can be frustrating for new mate drinkers when their yerba mate bombilla clogs, so we’ve compiled a list of a few techniques on how to best use your bombillas. Often, I have thought if this custom, this ritual of drinking Yerba mate would succeed here, in the states. Most like to put the hot water in a thermos so it will remain hot, and can also be a bit more transportable. 3. Using a thermos will allow you to keep the water warm for a longer period of time. Bombilla; Yerba mate; Let’s go over each one in more detail. I LOVE having a new mate and have a shelf in my kitchen that is filled with my collection. Before putting the straw in, pour hot water onto the bottom half of the drink. Elvira de Mejía, “Yerba Mate Tea (ilex Paraguariensis): A Comprehensive Review on Chemistry, Health Implications, and Technological Considerations.” Journal of Food Science 72, no.9 (2007): R138–R151. With all of this mate around, you would think I was a connoisseur, but no….my habit was to drink coffee in the morning. But, a brilliant thought came to me and I asked her about drinking Yerba mate. Do what works best for you. But this isn’t the only way. Place gourd on a table. After all, I grew up here, in the states, and it just seemed a bit odd to take out a gourd and bombilla in front of my American friends. Drink the full cup and don’t nurse the drink You should always drink the full cup of mate and don’t be afraid to slurp at the end! Bombillas are the most authentic way to drink yerba mate, but can be used for a variety of purposes. Cover the top of gourd with palm, invert 180º and gently shake up and down, bringing fine particles to the top and leaving the larger ones below, to act as a natural filter. First select the correct bombilla for your yerba mate cut. A bombilla (pronounced either bom-BEE-yah or bom-BEE-sha, depending on the spanish dialect). When most people find out about yerba mate, they’re only exposed to the traditional way of drinking it – with a bombilla and gourd. So, mate for me was always something I did with my parents, or my family in Argentina. Things are spicing up! Yerba is quite strong. First of all, you have to know that yerba mate is a tropical plant that grows in the forests where the Parana, Paraguay, and some areas of the Uruguay rivers pass through. Place the bombilla (mouthpiece up) into the tea leaves. Harvested yerba mate leaves are dried, chopped, and ground to get the typical yerba mate product. Up until that time, I mostly drank mate with others. Relax while the yerba mate leaves absorb the water. Over time, you will see that the inside of the gourd will get hard and seal. After all, drinking yerba mate is a social activity. For as long as I can remember, we always had a gourd filled with Yerba in the kitchen. It didn't help any that my father had this thought that Americans would think we were doing drugs of some kind and we should only take it out in front of people we trusted!! As the days went on, I got used to this "other way" of drinking mate. http://circleofdrink.com/yerba-mate-health-benefits. As the years went on, I offered my mate to friends and people loved it. Once you are done, you can toss out the wet Yerba mate and either refill with more, or let the gourd air dry until its next use. If you have a mate with a plastic or glass interior, please go to the next step. Your mate is ready - Just drink it using the bombilla and repeat step 6 as many times as you want. Fill a cured mate cup just over half full with yerba mate. That being said, find the way that works for you. Just keep adding water and sometimes, stevia and drink until the tea has lost its flavor. As you can see, there are a few steps, but with patience and practice, you’ll soon be preparing the perfect traditional gourd of mate. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s reliable and allows for a good flow of liquid with its round spout. Bombillas – straws for yerba mate are essential to drink yerba mate. All of that changed, though, when I got pregnant. Increase the amount of Yerba according to your tastes. It seems like we are all ready to look at things differently. It delivers the alertness of coffee without the jitters, it’s prepared with a ritual similar to a matcha ceremony, and it has a social function like that of a British cuppa. In the lower south american countries Yerba Mate is completely embedded in the culture. Bombilla - This is the diffusing straw that fits into the mate. (Don't boil the water, don't move the straw once the water has been poured, shake the Yerba in the mate to mix the tea, only one person can pour the water….) Learn more about yerba mate cuts: Fill the gourd about 1/3 full of tea. Every now and then, allow the mate to fully dry out. This is a preference, and you will decide according to how you like to hold the mate. It doesn’t work as well with powdery mate. The Traditional Method: Gourd & Bombilla 1. boil water and let sit for 3 or 4 minutes. Learn more about bombilla types here: Water - You will want hot water for the mate, but not boiling. 5. Keep gourd tilted at an angle. Without it you will simply be sipping large quantities of tea leaves! Playing with the bombilla can cause the herbs to get caught in the filter and spoil the drink. Others have high amounts of powder and low stem content, such as Gaucho cuts from Brazil and Uruguay. Required fields are marked *. She looked it up and not only gave her approval, but her support! When you brew mate tea and enjoy it the traditional way, you are drinking it from a gourd. Still, when I go to Argentina, I am told of other ways to make it! STEPS: How to Drink Yerba Mate? Some techniques are for specific bombillas, such as mate molding with spoon bombillas, but most can be used with any bombilla, for any cut type. Yerba mate is most popular in Paraguay and Uruguay, where people are seen walking the streets carrying the mate and often a termo (thermal vacuum flask) in their arms. I like to sweeten my water with a couple of drops of stevia. It can also be prepared with a … Method #1: The Traditional Method (Using a Gourd & Bombilla) By far, the most popular (and authentic) way of drinking yerba maté is to follow the centuries-old preparation style using a bombilla (filtered straw) and maté (gourd or cup). Mate is consumed in “cycles.” A cycle is complete after each time the water is totally consumed from the gourd. Why do people drink Yerba Mate? If you have decided to sweeten the water, add your stevia or another product to the thermos. Use code 'spice69', Your gourd is looking dry...continue shopping >>. There is no right or wrong here. What does ‘bombilla’ mean? Look for little champagne like bubbles. Yerba mate can be prepared the same way as any other tea – by steeping it in water. The bottom of the bombilla should touch the bottom of the mate cup. 6. Once that is done, push the bombilla through. Not hot enough and you will not get good flavor out of the Yerba. Remember that a single gourd of mate can be enjoyed multiple times (typically 5-15 dep… If there was ever a time for Yerba mate to resonate with Americans, it is now. Typically done with a spoon bombilla, use the filter to push the mate against the opposing wall, creating space for your filter and preserving the waterhole. If you’re interested in viewing some of our mate bombillas, they can be seen on this page. Bombilla, pronounced bom-bee-SHAH, the word literally means “straw” in Castellano. http://circleofdrink.com/the-art-of-yerba-mate-bombillas. People are seeking more meaning, a kind of connection with each other and a reason to sit at a table and talk. Even if you do, it’s usually made out of wood or glass, instead of an actual horn. To learn more about yerba mate health benefits: Fill the mate with Yerba about 1/3 of the way full. Today is World Mate Day, and to celebrate it, we want to tell you what is yerba mate, the most popular drink in Argentina, but also very common in other countries like Uruguay and Paraguay.. What yerba mate is? IT'S SPICE TIME - HERE'S A COMPLIMENTARY NEW YORK SPICE 3oz BLEND WITH YOUR ORDER OF $69 - CODE 'SPICE69' details, Spend a minimum of $69 for a complimentary New York Spice 3oz chai mate warming blend. You will want to start slowly. If your bombilla clogs, try to work through it by drawing hard on the bombilla until the liquid begins to flow effortlessly. 4. You are ready to go!! Either bombilla can be used for any type of mate, but it’s best to pair bombillas with certain cuts of mate, maximizing efficiency. The double action is your standard Argentine bombilla. To make yerba mate, pack the yerba mate into a hollow calabash gourd until it's half full. Each time, I learn something new, put in a different step and change what I do. The leaves will "swell" a bit allowing for the bombilla to be placed inside. Every cup thereafter is made with the same tea leaves. Tilt the gourd until the tea covers the side and almost reaches the top. When I went to my grandmother's house, we would sit at her kitchen table and share it with a pile of her strudel in front of us, and my aunt would share it with me in her dining room, using the time to find out about how I was doing at school and letting me just unload! What is interesting though is that I learned of ways to make mate that I like. The Guaraní Tribe of Paraná, in South America, originally used hollow twigs and grasses as mate filters. Curing the mate just means that you seal the inside of the gourd. Here too, it is a matter of taste. Your email address will not be published. After visiting my family this past year in Argentina, and watching what has been happening here in the states, I decided to launch a business that would work on bringing this amazing treat here, to North America. Mate is made from yerba mate, a tree found in Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. What is wonderful about mate is that anyone you ask will have a different opinion on the do's and don'ts of how to make the perfect one. Cover the top of the gourd with your hand & shake. Drinking it by myself felt kind of odd. Add hot water to the top of the mate, sip through the straw and enjoy. Add a few drops of stevia or another sweetener to the hot water and pour the hot water into the gourd until it reached the top. A yerba mate gourd or cup, historically made from a hollowed squash or piece of wood. The first tip with your bombilla is as soon as you have finished using it, remove it from the yerba mate and rinse. This is the list of what you will need to make mate. I got out my step stool and took out all my Yerba mate accessories that on the top shelf of my cupboard. Most will settle at around 2/3 full). The bombillas can be long or short. Just like coffee cups, they will each have their special attributes and you will choose a different one for different times. I like to fill it with Yerba 3/4 way full, no more no less. There are several cut variations between and outside of the principal cuts, but both aforementioned bombillas can handle any. The Bombilla (Metal Straw) The bombilla in Argentina pronounced as bom-beesha, is the metal straw you drink with is used to filter out the mate so you don’t have too many bits in your mouth. The plant’s leaves are picked, dried, processed, and packaged. Making an amazing Yerba mate is very easy. From that day forward, I drank mate. My mom would drink it there, while she was cooking or talking on the phone. There are natural ones made out of gourds, there are glass ones, wooden ones, metal ones, plastic, or silicon, to name just a few. Mate (cup), Bombilla (straw), and Bombilla cleaner. Sit back & relax and enjoy your Yerba Mate. http://circleofdrink.com/official-yerba-mate-buying-guide. Getting Started with Yerba Mate. We’ll focus on a few specific ways to easily prepare yerba mate and some handy tricks on how to use a yerba mate bombilla (the proper way). Take a trip to Argentina and you will not make it an hour without seeing someone walking, sitting, or standing with a thermos and mate. Put your palm over the opening and shake so that the leaves mix with powder. Pour water into a pitcher or thermos that allows for a “narrow stream” to pour out. There are many ways to do this. If you want the mate to be stronger, next time, just add more Yerba. There are a million different varieties. (After you have had mate a few times, you may want to increase the amount of Yerba in the mate.
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