2015 Washington State Building Code > 4 Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy > 412 Aircraft-Related Occupancies > 412.5 Residential Aircraft Hangars > 412.5.3 Smoke Alarms 804.4.3 Alterations - Level 2, Smoke Alarms requirements to design, plan review, and/or inspection. R308.4.1 Glazing in doors. 9. 2012 International Residential Code requirements for toilets, sinks, and showers in bathrooms. Explain the differences between the current and previous edition. Identify changes in organization and code requirements. See Access Guideline 6 for knee space specifications. Includes headroom, size, and clearance specifications. The minimum interior shower size is 30" x 30" or 900 square inches, in which a disk of 30" in diameter must fit. The locations specified in Sections R308.4.1 through R308.4.7 shall be considered to be specific hazardous locations for the purposes of glazing. Kitchen Ventilation Systems: Part 1 Evaluating the 2009 IRC Requirement for Makeup Air The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center Builder Brief: March 2012 Anthony C. Jellen, PE, Brian M. Wolfgang, EIT, Michael A. Countertop corners shouldn't be sharp. Window Glazing – 2015 IRC Section 312.2 R308.4 Hazardous locations. Ducts should be sealed with duct mastic and/or metal tape that meets the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratory UL-181, UL-181A or 181B, or with aerosol sealant systems that meet the requirements of UL 723 (CEC 2005). AFCI Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Requirements for Homes The Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is designed to turn off an electrical circuit when an arc is detected that can lead to a fire or other hazardous conditions within the range of the protection that the AFCI is able to detect. So I believe it could be legitimately argued that a minimum legal area by 2015 IRC standards could be as small as one habitable room of 70 sq. NKBA. 1971 CABO, M-1210— Exhaust and ventilation systems: Air requirements for the operation of exhaust fans, kitchen ventilation systems, clothes dryers and fireplaces shall be considered in determining the adequacy of a space to provide combustion air requirements. Cabinetry can be added under the work surface, provided it … ft. while meeting minimum spacing requirements.” Relevant sizes from IRC 2015: R304.2 Other rooms. Objectives Upon completion, participants will be better able to: Identify the most significant differences between the 2015 and the 2018 IRC. Of course, if you choose to include receptacles in your design, installation would need to follow standard requirements. IRC. Code Reference: In a kitchen, there should be at least one 30” wide section of counter, 34” high maximum or adjustable from 29” to 36”. The information on this page is taken from the official government code book in sections R305 – R307 beginning on page 54 of the 2012 IRC. the kitchen. Some state building codes do require mechanical ventilation, such as an exhaust fan, in the kitchen. Chamfered or rounded corners should be installed for safety. Moreover, Code Watcher advises that since 2009, the International Residential Code (IRC) includes a section on air replacement for houses with active kitchen ventilation. Glazing in fixed and operable panels of swinging, sl iding IRC. The IRC is silent on this one. ft. with sleeping area and kitchen, plus a bathroom as small as 18 sq. All kitchen exhaust ducts should be air tight, fastened and sealed. Shower size. Where domestic kitchen cooking appliances are equipped with ducted range hoods or down-draft exhaust systems, the fans shall be sized in accordance with Section M1507.4. Turns, MS INTRODUCTION The 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) requires the introduction of makeup air when kitchen While the IRC requires that all kitchens be provided with two 20-amp circuits dedicated to receptacle outlets, I have never heard of an inspector requiring this on an outdoor kitchen.
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