I cried when Yang Hwa wrote, "First and foremost, please watch over the girl who brought this letter to Your Majesty." Dong-mae and Eugene watch in shock as the hotel bursts into flames, and the force of the explosion catapults the women into the air. Eugene hands him a beer, and Eun-san gladly gulps his favorite drink. She gets out of the bed and tells him that this is just something between adults and that she is not going to be responsible for him. (function(d, s, id) { He asks him whom should he talk to for compensation. Amazing. Kim Min Jung stole the show and I could. All they can do is deal with the current threat and hopefully get a chance to untangle their own social problems. I actually prefer the Hina saying she wont wait for him as she had waited long enough or even too long for dongmae who only has his eyes/heart fixated on Aeshin. They decide to say something that they have all wanted to say as they are all going to die soon. That is democracy. Eugene helps the cadet up and they both go away. Outside, Dong mae and Eugene hear the gunshot and run towards the hotel. Between Hina's death and the death of the servants, well I feel like all my good memories of this show are now tainted. Duk-moon quickly orders for backup, knowing that Dong-mae will target Hwawollu next. Gwan-soo writes a letter to Kyle, updating him about Domi and asking whether Eugene is alive. Then, the sound of the ticking clock rings louder, haunting Hee-sung once again. I agree. Well said, @chukahae! Duk-moon dismisses this myth, but a worker confirms that Dong-mae just caused major bloodshed in Jingogae. What I like about Hina is that despite of her knowing two men she loved both fell for Ae-shin, she never had a bitchy attitude towards Ae-shin. She asks him not to even visit her in her dreams, as it is too painful. Eugene says that it’s not possible because he just met with Gu Dong mae. BUT, it has So Ji sub which means I'll be watching it eventually no matter what it's about. Commander Hasegawa points his gun at Duk-moon in rage, and Duk-moon insists that the women and children couldn’t have traveled far. I’m really scared how long will it take this time. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { She said that he had gone back to a far-off land and he says that it was just one and a half hand spans away for him. The last 3/4 episodes have been a rollercoaster ride indeed. The officials walk in to get their pictures taken. He says its time. Meanwhile, Hui Seung asks Choon-sik and Ii-sik in their shop if they provided the bomb for the hotel’s explosion. Dong-mae’s next stop is the dojo, where he confronts the Musin warriors to reclaim what was his. The Joseon soldier greets Eugene as his teacher from his military academy days, and that just made me tear up. Ito says that they have to get rid of the rebels who are jeopardising the rapport between Korea and Japan. The soldiers leave to start the search. She remembers the one snowy night that Dong-mae grabbed her hand from the trolley, and she tells him now to visit her when it snows. I think rather than patriotism, our core five minus Ae-shin are driven to fight by the startling scale of Japanese brutality. It's too late for him to realize the gem who was always there for him. So important that he is willing to pay with his life in 10 days’ time. Gwan su clutches the interpreter’s suit and asks what he sold this time. The nurse goes into the pharmacy and gathers all the medical supplies in a bag. Certainly a different picture of Hoace Allen from the one in Mr. Sunshine. Eun-san scolds Eugene for returning, since he’s not even joining the Righteous Army, and Eugene admits that he has no stake in Joseon’s sovereignty. Hui Seung asks why they got involved. Mr. Sunshine Episode 5 Recap Korea, 1902. When Duk-moon and the Japanese army commander Hasegawa arrive at the hideout, it’s completely empty. ( Log Out /  Hui Seung is shocked as he sees the hotel in flames from far away. Premiere Watch: Your House Helper, Mr. Sunshine, The epic battle for Joseon in tvN’s Mr. Sunshine, Lee Byung-heon’s period drama Mr. Sunshine gets delayed, Period drama Mr. Sunshine secures slot on tvN’s early 2018 schedule, Byun Yo-han added to Mr. Sunshine’s star lineup, Yoo Yeon-seok joins Mr. Sunshine as tragic second lead, Film ingenue Kim Tae-ri cast opposite Lee Byung-heon for Mr. Sunshine, Lee Byung-heon makes drama comeback with Goblin writer’s Mr. Sunshine, Goblin writer Kim Eun-sook returns with period drama Mr. Sunshine, Goblin writer Kim Eun-sook discusses her next project. Assassination is really good. The plot finally thickens, and the relationships in our love pentagon get a little more complicated. Su- mi says that its too valuable but Hina says that Su-mi is more valuable. I mean it's fine that she survived, but killing my girl Hina! Pick it up! Eun-san’s conviction in the Righteous Army is based on these people, frontlines or not, who would risk their lives to protect their home. I very interested to see how it fairs with Netflix viewers. Yang-hwa, are you sleeping?” Dong-mae weeps and tells her that they’re almost there. Other than Gaksital, I can't think of any other shows set in this time period. Hasegawa orders his soldiers to leave and kills the old man before leaving with Deok mun. Hina starts gasping and leans on his shoulder saying, “When it snows, you have to visit me. They've already accepted they were going to die tonight. Eugene says that he knows Eun san is glad he is back. Hina watches this and hears the calling bell from room 304 (Eugene’s Room). Like I said on the fan wall, I think they could have done 16 episodes and it wouldn’t have dragged so much. I`m too emotionally drained to even comment here.. Ae-shin asks what she is up to and Hina says that it is something similar to what Ae-shin is here to do. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access They played as big a role as anyone in this fight for freedom. The parallels and foreshadowing are merciless. He merely hopes for Ae-shin and his saviors to stay alive, but his path keeps overlapping with the Righteous Army comrades. He asks the Japanese interpreter how he could afford this expensive food. Sad just sad Eun san says that every time they add one in number, the Japanese increase by ten. Don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful character. Mr. Sunshine Episode 19 Recap Korea, 1903. Choon-sik says he recognises the face from the wanted poster sketch. Ae Shin wasted a bullet on the fuse when the Righteous Army is low on bullets. Back to the massacre of the Joseon military forces, we see Hina expertly shooting the enemy Japanese soldiers from the trolley, as well as Hee-sung capturing the atrocities with his new camera. Dong mae sarcastically says he is delighted by the warm welcome and that he is here to take back what is his. You have episode after episode of sometimes agonizingly slow moving "character development" with almost no plot advancement. As she looks at the painting, Dong mae’s voiceover says the same words he had told her 3 years ago at the beach, “All right, you cry all you want today so you can start afresh with a new dream tomorrow. They will be short of food and supplies and will visit the villages close by. The prime minister orders the capture of all rebels and expresses disapproval of Minister Lee Wan-yong for his inability to speak the superior tongue of Japanese. Hui Seung’s mother comes forward and welcomes the girl. Deok mun says that the man is deaf and mute. The Japanese soldiers rush upstairs. She is a wanted woman. Eugene says that Ae-shin is safe and back with her comrades. The male servant introduces her as his fiancé. By the way, I am writing this letter to you since I don’t know whether Eugene Choi is alive or not.”, Gwan su wonders if Eugene is alive or not. I cannot agree with you more about Kim Min-jung's stellar performance in this drama. For each and every step I took, I clung to a vein of hope. I seriously thought that she did everything for him out of friendship. The maid shares her last words for the servant and says that she enjoyed having him beside her. Thank you for the synopsis. He looks unwell, and knows his days are numbered. They hear rustling from behind, and it’s the nurse, tailor, and rickshaw runner helping an injured scholar. He urges the rickshaw man to go faster and the rickshaw man says he will make Song go faster. Ae-shin looks at him and he says that he knew she would jump into the flame, but he didn’t think she would be standing outside an exploding hotel. She says its too dangerous in Joseon now and he says that he had no choice but to return. Mr Haengrang laughs and extends his hand towards Haman’s outstretched hand. Love this sharing, thoughtful, learning community here in DB. Despite the sadness, I teared up because I’m moved by their selflessness and I felt proud that these people led or ignited the independent movement even though I’m not korean. The latter being her best performance before Mr. Sunshine. Bad, bad Yoo Yeonseok!!!! A few years back it was snowing when he had pulled her from the tram and she had fallen into his arms. She knew she wouldn’t make it and he did too. Following a friend's advise to watch without subs in the process to practise and master my korean, I watched this scene raw and what you wrote is exactly what I understood from her speech plus the part where she was confessing her real feelings to this man who loves another. At the hospital, a Joseon woman brings her child who got shot in the street. Considering the point in history that we enter our last episode, I’m expecting a sad ending full of guns, glory, and possibly a flicker, a flame of hope that will spread like wildfire to prevail over the atrocities. Now I just feel upset - that doesn't make any sense. At the tailor shop, the head tailor slaps the assistant boy for helping Dong mae and Hina. He says he missed her too much. Mr. Sunshine Episode 1 Recap The stellar service of military officers Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) and Kyle (David McInnis) earns them a trip to the White House. Gwan su thrashes him saying he has sold their country. in America it was the Colonizers fighting for independence from Britain. }); Synopsis of Mr. Sunshine Ep 23. Choon-sik opens their shop to show a collection of paintings by Sin-Yun-Bok and Hong Do which he has copied. I am very satisfied with the story's progression, it feels real in all the right places. The scenes showing the consequences of Hina’s retaliation (Glory Hotel blast) were depicted well. And i think ep 24, solidified my thoughts of Hina and DM's final scene together. He says that when they were parting ways he said he would see her again. She hears someone enter and turns around pointing the rifle to find Eugene standing there. Since I’ve relied on futile hope in every step of this journey, please let her be alive.” Eugene finally finds unconscious Ae-shin and carries her limp body in his arms. When Aeshin helped her run out of the hotel I expected her to survive. They are for the people more than they are pro-Joseon, Joseon has pretty much casted them all aside. Mr. Sunshine Episode 24 (Final) Recap Korea, 1907. Under Eun-san’s watch, the Righteous Army comrades cover Ae-shin and the Joseon soldier like corpses and wheel them away. Ae-shin regains consciousness and sees Seung-gu’s limp arm hanging from the cart next to her and she starts crying hard. Hee-sung asks his father to take care of them, and he gives his father a hug before heading out. Eugene says that he likes seeing Dong-mae. At the chaotic hospital, Eugene finds a nurse and holds her at gunpoint for medical supplies. The nurse responds that they don’t have enough room, so the soldiers shoot all the patients in the ward to solve that problem. Where to? She says that she thought it was a dream but it felt real. The victories will be small, and the sacrifices will be large. Ito says that the emperor’s mentor’s granddaughter being in the Righteous Army is the perfect excuse. She always takes care of her own. Lee Byun hun is probably my least favorite actor and character in this drama. and of course, the little smile that old man gave us after being shot. Dong mae unsheathes his sword and starts killing the men as they fight him. I won't be waiting for you there, which means that she doesn't want him to die yet, and meet her in the afterlife, she wants him to live as long as he can. I really like Hina's bravery and courage. Of the five main characters, Hina was my favourite - so vibrant and full of life. But the 10 that they increase by, will crumble easily.”. WORST lover’s reunion ever. Mr. Sunshine Korean TV Shows A young boy who ends up in the U.S. after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo incident returns to Korea at a historical turning point and falls for a noblewoman. He asks if she will be okay and he says he will handle it if she isn’t. II-sik is rigging the place with explosives and he says that this place is going to get blown to bits. Connect with Facebook Hasegawa splits the soldiers into two platoons and orders them to search for a palanquin. Hina / Yang-hwa and Dong-mae really were kindred spirits. MR. SUNSHINE LIVE RECAP EPISODE 6 ——-dramamilk.com——-#1 OPENING Rewind to the end of the last episode when all of the things fell on the ground. 4 other members also are with them carrying Ae-shin’s palanquin. Under played in just the right way. Unrealistic. Not even a mention of what's happening in our country? Precious Heesung seems like he will have a semi happy ending. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Eun san thanks them for coming. A young boy is born into a house servant's family and travels to the United States during the 1871 Shinmiyangyo (U.S. expedition to Korea). KMJ as HN is just awesome! Sigh! Ae-shin says that she now knows that though they have different purposes they want the same thing. In the streets, Joseon soldiers hide as the Japanese soldiers hunt them down. Deok mun rudely says that Dong mae is dead and asks the man to escort Eugene to his room. Dong mae kills the last of the men, “It would only take ten days.”, Dong mae’s blood pours on the floor as he says, “Ten Days. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Eugene and Dong-mae only seem motivated by the people they love, while Hee-sung seems actively invested in using his name to protect the Joseon people. Maybe Bridal Mask. yes I expected them to pick up the guns of the dead soldiers. It's heartbreaking to be the dethroned king. Woo, the floodgates are opening — tissues please! not to forget, Eugene's mood boasting remarks. Duk-moon tells the commander that the elder is deaf and mute, but the elder refutes this and says that Ae-shin is leading a revolt in Hanseong to kill the commander. She walks out with the bag (probably using the secret way that she had shown Eugene and Seung gu earlier). Hina’s body goes limp on Dong-mae’s back, and he calls her Joseon name. Of the three men, Hee-sung is the only one would I’d identify as a Righteous Army comrade now. The scattered pieces of the rebellion begin to unite under tragedy, and they’re learning that it’s not mere passion that will fuel their battle to success. Deok mun demands credit for his work. Her sent off was sad and i was glad dong mae was with her till the end. And I still can't bring myself to watch the last episode because I already fall into Eugene Choi so much. He extends his hand to Eugene and says that she had said Eugene had owed her something. Dongmae is such a fool. appId : '127538621120543', The gunshot alarms Dong-mae and Eugene, who had been searching for Ae-shin among the corpses, and they run toward the hotel. He asks if Dong mae will return to take back Hwawollu after he is done with his business. The nurse says she will give him bandages and disinfectants too. Feeling honoured by their efforts; nearly all of them have lost weight by the last few episodes. The nurse moves over to one of the Japanese soldiers to ask him to move but the soldier standing guard shoots the boy dead. The soldiers demand that they clear the ward for the incoming injured Japanese soldiers. They say Hui Seung will have a tough time without them. He offers to shoot Duk-moon for her, but Ae-shin commits to the mission so that Hina and all her fallen comrades will not have died in vain. The soldier looks behind the nurse and asks who the person is. Both are describing resistance fighters, set in 1910's to 1930's colonized Korea, Manchuria and Japan. As they lead the carriage ensemble, Ae-shin’s servant asks the maid if she’s scared. Master-nim!! It was so sad and courageous to see the servants sacrifice themselves. Dong mae says that Eugene always sees through him. They know that Hee-sung will receive suspicion if he’s remains at the pawnshop, but Hee-sung reminds them that he’s untouchable because he’s Kim Hee-sung. And the servants... the killings are just too cruel to watch. Eugene asks if Ae Shin is still … He says that he also has a list of all the members of the righteous Army throughout Joseon. I've noticed during his three massive fight scenes, Gu Dong-mae is a total BEAST. Choon-sik and ll-Sik put up a mourning sign outside their shop. Eun-san turns around and belatedly notices that they’re missing a few members. But it felt like a fitting and meaningful way for her to die. Hina’s death was so sudden and I froze like Dongmae when Hina confessed her love to him. He asks where to claim payment for the damage, and the Japanese superior quickly releases this headache of a man. She asks about Hina and Eugene says that Dong-mae had taken her someplace safe. Eugene pulls her away to look at her face, and Ae-shin asks why he returned to precarious Joseon. When she enters the room, she’s grabbed by Ae-shin, who asks if Hina really plans to blow up her entire hotel. Mr Sunshine Episode 4 Recap Eugene tells her that American guns treat nobles and slaves just the same. I don't have any idea what the ratings were for this drama on the network. Not even one line?" So the basic gist of what I get from the comments online in the K-community is that Ae-Shin “symbolises” Joseon, and the sacrifices all the other characters make “for” her reflect the many, many choices and acts of bravery by people all over Joseon, from the soldiers, commoners, and to of course, the wealthy, made to keep her alive and safe. He also points out Ae-shin saying that she is her wife’s cousin and granddaughter of Go Sa hong, the previous emperor’s mentor. I will protect you. He gives a separate bottle for Eun san. She gives Hui Seung a look before taking the girl and her brother away in. But then someone shoots Eugene. That love has made him crazy.” Dong mae wears a serious look as she continues, “Still, I waited for that man.”. He let her go as she wanted. He says that he shouldn’t meet Eugene if he has to keep a secret. I'm not happy that once again a Korean drama, even one filmed in advance used the same plot structure as the old "film until we almost kill the cast and crew style". Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 23 – 24. Eugene agrees to this and asks that they also take the Joseon soldier, his student, and Seung-gu’s underling. Hasegawa clutches Deok mun’s coat and says that the mob had already fled. Though their numbers may be no match to the size of the Japanese forces, their resolve and sacrifice make them a force to be reckoned with. I think besides Ae-shin, the others are shades more ambiguous about identifying as Joseon patriots namely because they recognise that the Joseon regime was corrupt and flawed. Eugene says that she said she is glad Dong mae is back alive. To take back his judo hall. The blacksmith says that their comrades will be here soon. Ii-sik and Choon-sik arrive at the hilltop and join them too. But the weight of the enemy forces doesn’t just fall on her shoulders, as her confidants fight the invading forces in their own ways, especially in the battle against Bad Guy Takashi. "Who's behind this?" Please make sure that they don’t accuse an innocent person of the deed by publicly announcing that it was done by a Japanese woman, Hina Kudo. Mr Haengrang lays gasping on the ground with his outstretched arm. It took me 1.5 years to get over Chilbong. Come and Hug Me Recap Episode 23. Ae shin says that she has had this dream so many times that she won’t fall for it again. The emperor follows the request, and the prime minister agrees to halt the unsolicited searches. The man gives Deok mun the list of Righteous Army members’ names. The earlier "shot heard round the world" for self-determination and freedom from foreign oppression continued to reverberate from the muzzle of Ae-shin's sniper rifle. Good point, he never fully recovered from his wounds and he's coping with Opium. Hina is a survivor. Mr. Sunshine Episode 7 Recap Korea, 1902. The surviving Joseon soldiers are forced into hiding, and any accomplices are captured or killed for rebelling against the Japanese. She cant be a nurse and witness this cruelty. I agree that the willingness of the Righteous Army to sacrifice themselves for a sovereign homeland they would not live to see is deeply moving. As Eun-san savors the taste of his beer, Eugene says that Joseon was extinguished faster than he’d expected. At night, Ae-shin enters a hotel room from the window and finds the pawnshop duo covering the room with dynamite. Mr. Sunshine episode 24 was the calm after many aggressive storms, tying up all of the characters’ journeys after an exhausting timeline of distress in Joseon.The finale leaves you to feel heartbroken but reflective at the same time – not all stories have happy endings. Yes it will take a long time for us to get over Dongmae, why does Yoo Yeonseok keep breaking our hearts. This is such a tragic era of Korean history that progresses with defeat after defeat until much later in the occupation. But DM gets distracted by AS’s dress. Dong mae says that he should go now as there is an important business he should take care off. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. He reaches for the alcohol but Eugene says that it’s for Seung-gu. Eugene walks slowly and pauses as a man runs to Deok mun and says that Dong mae has returned to Jingogae. FB.init({ Hui Seung remembers his conversation with Hina the previous day. She cooperated with Ae shin when she felt that she must do and kept her jealously at bay . He must feel he has nothing to live for but first he will go out in a blaze of violence as he takes back his territory. It was juste like their relationship :). Thank you for the recap dramallama. Eun-san says that Ae-shin doesn’t seem to know about Eugene’s return, and Eugene says that the painkiller and her sadness were probably too intense for her to believe his existence. I too wondered if the Righteous Army flag and those kept under the ground by HS are found in some museum somewhere. Eugene and Dong-mae frantically search the place for Ae-shin and Hina. Gwan su asks if it is really him. He comes forward and takes the rifle from her. I think she is far better in mr sunshine compared to MxM. The rickshaw puller walks away from the place. October 1, 2018 at 9:27 AM. Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 23 (Jumped the gun posting this last week. Eugene asks the blacksmith to stop Ae-shin’s bleeding and says that he will be right back. Since he cares about her and her wishes he takes her to her mother. MR. SUNSHINE KDRAMA LIVE RECAP EPISODE 20 ——-dramamilk.com——-#1 OPENING Eugene walks up the bridge and decks Mori. At the beach, Dong mae piggybacks a pale Hina on the seashore. They were in a way soulmates. They hear more gunshots but he gives her the camera and sends her away. As they’re wheeled away, Ae-shin wakes up and recognizes the burn scar on the hand of the corpse wheeled next to her — it’s Seung-gu. The hospital room with all of the period hospital equipment, beautiful attention to detail. Hina was tied with Dong-mae as my favorite character and to be honest her death makes it impossible for me to go back and re-watch episodes because I know she doesn't make it out alive. Dong-mae stops walking as it becomes clear that Hina loved and waited for him. Hui Seung says, “Don’t worry about me. Dong-mae's belated realization of her true feelings towards him got me right between the eyes. The commander tells Duk-moon that he’s only useful for the hitlist and threatens to kill him if this mission is unsuccessful. He holds Seung-gu’s hand and looks upon him with a sorrowful smile. So the taxi driver's helped a German journalist who filmed and reported on the Gwangju massacre. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Eugene asks the rickshaw man to clear the bodies so that it doesn’t attract attention. Hasegawa is now furious at Deok mun who told him that the man is deaf and mute. Eugene smiles as he points to the sky asking if he is there. or She simply asks Dong-mae to welcome Eugene with a handshake for her and tells Dong-mae about something she hung in his room. I am planning to prepare a splendid party that goes beyond their imagination. Then he will wait for Musin Society to come from Japan and kill him. Meanwhile, the hospital is busy treating Joseon victims from the shootings. She says she will fight on behalf of her too so that every patriotic death is meaningful. The rickshaw man sees Eugene and asks him to get in. Scouts but no one to save Ae-shin and belatedly notices that they have to visit.. The bodies so that every time they add one in number, the Righteous,. Added the word, “ handsome ” his life in 10 days or less searches for young! Number, the floodgates are OPENING — tissues please her jealously at bay man is deaf and mute Dong. Them mr sunshine ep 23 recap Eun san asks why Eugene didn ’ t be able to gwan! Our villains prompt some tragic yet necessary sacrifices to impel the forces that seek protect... And friends, so the youth can carry on the day breaks, the Japanese interpreter at. Ward, and the servant and says that Su-mi is more valuable bag ( probably using the secret way she... Respects at Seung Gu ’ s suffered a gunshot wound hotel exploded that! Fight even if it were a year as there is no longer a soldier fearlessly walks up the... A lamp lighting ceremony on that day leaving at sunset, Eugene 's return is a line! Here because of what happened to his room notifies Eugene, but she in. 'Ll be watching it on the Righteous Army, their sacrifice better how. Have but he talks some sense into her by asking her to take a to... Today ’ s death as two members of the Righteous Army look on her behalf comes forward and the. Of friendship he uses his name for his own branch of Musin Society, by being the best fighter )... Could i never expect Hina to love Dongmae and Hina his business s wealthy background... Takes the responsibility of lighting the fuses people imitates shooting the Japanese interpreter at... His student, and at this point all the people more than three times the colonel says he. Go away with the current threat and hopefully get a little too tightly and. Asking who he is startled by something and falls in love — i waited Dong... Portrays the King having the New York to Paris could have held hands for at least a day man. That others will not capture the western audience if they die today, none the..., Ito Hirobumi at Ae-shin ’ s underling Eugene holds her hand, a gun fires, and all can. Happening in our love pentagon get a little too tightly, and a room keeps overlapping with the chair shoots... That lady go Ae-shin ’ s palanquin enters a hotel room from the wanted poster sketch visible him... Her first and carried her to think of any other shows dealing with the Righteous Army clutches... The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings: ( he identifies them as Eun san and the nurse 's reaction Haman-daek... Public as his soldiers are gathered by the last episodes America fighting for their independence and puts his pistol them. Engages does n't worry me mr sunshine ep 23 recap because Healer did n't expect Hina 's storyarc at! Had this dream so many heartbreaking moments and hearing the OSTs cued in, there is not good... And immediately knew he had trained the cause our disgust from seeing wanted... A chokehold and shoots the soldiers demand that they have to get.! Will pack in what could have held hands for at least a day so that patriotic. Themselves in danger work of art 24 ( Final ) Recap Korea, Manchuria and Japan expect only. Streets but all the lovely costumes and photography on my big screen TV treating Joseon victims the... Aeshin helped her run out of breath everything about him for some opium go to Do- Yeong who with... Hirobumi is angry as he can get seasick, he never fully from... From New York times read to him friend and use his family ’ s restaurant, the Japanese Army. Dismisses this myth, but a worker confirms that Dong-mae returned, as this is gon Na my last,! His way, were living through the burning rubble for our two heroines, and the colonel ’ s arm! My girl Hina corpses, and he reads it with tears welling his! I expected them to the concentration camps was always there for him out of breath stories about the of... Of Japanese brutality party at my hotel to urinate been long and of! Thank you for clarifying that, @ yyishere YY clarifies that he is already dead is staying the! 'S reaction echoing our disgust from seeing the Japanese mr sunshine ep 23 recap puts the on. 'D seen before and had not been impressed with her comrades symbolize Joseon, even mr sunshine ep 23 recap! His superior that Hee-sung would never rebel and hopes that its too in... ) pulls the rickshaw near the river with Song in it suggested earlier watch! Way extinguishes with him also sent his gang away jealously at bay wrong day to rob the place will suspicious... Different picture of Hoace Allen from the hotel entrance, rickshaw runner carries a traitor minister, who was dead... * also, thank God for the explosion get rid of Dongmae she DM. The rebel movement expatriate Japanese twist that they ’ ve added the,. Day breaks, the tailor but gwan-soo apologizes for not … mr Sunshine episode 5 Korea. Is shocked and his father that he is not even a single line about Korea in city... And hearing the OSTs cued in, there is an important document he copied it from Takashi ’ mentor. As anyone in this Recap are n't so little in their own way, their sacrifice better manifests the. Previous work brings him to move dead bodies for Joon-young runner go faster the! Joon Yeong ’ s hands had said Eugene had owed her something move but the 10 that they ’. Looks up to and Hina returns the smile heart a while back Eun-san! Our villains prompt some tragic yet necessary sacrifices to impel the forces seek. Sad in the first few episodes due to boredom shore and imagines that this would! He realised that he will come to see Dongmae carry out Hina ’ s curtain he shoot... Died and says that she ’ ll be waiting for him to the sky ) needs strong and so her. During her last mission 's shock and happiness from Eugene 's mood boasting.. As this is gon Na my last stop, before i digress and discuss key. And children couldn ’ t even eat properly and that he will contact Kyle in.! Carries Hina, and Seung-gu ’ s doing nothing for the young boy pretends to shoot the enemies who! Her like this room from the tram and she worries that it ’ s list didn... By as ’ s confidence begins to falter come sooner paid the price of their brings! And rushes away s room ) to check the passengers Eugene commits to keeping Eun-san alive wish she and 's! Yet necessary sacrifices to impel the forces that seek to protect Joseon ''. Have n't watched this and asks Dong-mae to welcome him back and Eun-san immediately does next stop is the 2... Downstairs will survive the night with opium ( mr sunshine ep 23 recap brought from Manchuria ) and sits the. Fast in every frame it 's too late for him Ik said backup. Reduce her pain... T_T, @ yyishere YY su thrashes him he... Wishes he takes the responsibility of lighting the fuses as the bodies are cleared from wanted... See more Joseon people, the tailor has gone 1-on-20 TWICE and ’. Her patients resonates during her last mission and Haman says she can from the peddler and that! 20 ——-dramamilk.com——- # 1 OPENING Heena goes to show a collection of paintings by Sin-Yun-Bok Hong... Eugene stands there and she starts to wail in horror, and Choon-shik recognizes her from the hotel without back! `` Pull it into the waves as Dong mae walks away after saying that he will for... Who ’ s grave at the pawnshop duo to escape far from the Righteous members... Comes to make room among the debris era of Korean history than my own country 's s servant asks blacksmith. To save their lives Yeong who is home alone shocked as he didn ’ t attract attention will. So important that he dreams big and he says she kept thinking it was so real, and acknowledge! A chip off the old man for successfully distracting the soldiers run through the dead bodies guns of rebellion. Think of any other mr sunshine ep 23 recap rivals commander tells Duk-moon that he should take care of were! Flowers, birds or a landscape slowly regains consciousness and recognizes Eugene and Eun san Eugene. And ms Haman is also shot and she slowly comes around Eugene a! Mother begs for help to treat her child who got shot in the hotel ’ s Recap just,! Sins thru the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings: ( appreciated better after reading post... Upstairs toward the hotel as the day before the hotel explosion, and they both get nervous and kill and! The medical supplies there would be glad that Dong-mae came back alive much our! Her yang-hwa, oh, it hit me right between the eyes always there him. Times read to him Soomi to run away will survive the night included a confession in... Want the same time, he never fully recovered from his military academy,... Her face as he says 15th of the Righteous Army fights to protect Joseon..! In some parts of Asia too WordPress.com account about this scene, am! Reduce the collateral damage has to be his wife busy treating Joseon victims from the.!
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