1Where is Opaque, Dining in the Dark?
We are located at 2020 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90403.
2What’s your policy on reservations? Can we cancel if we need to?
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3Do you have free parking at the restaurant?
Yes, we offer free parking at the restaurant on Thursdays. We have a private valet service on Fridays and Saturdays. The cost is $7 per car.
4What is the menu like?
The menu changes weekly, based on seasonal market ingredients. When you arrive at Opaque, you will be introduced to that evening’s choice pre fixe menu. We encourage guests to discuss any dietary restrictions or food allergies with the hostess at that time. In such cases, our chefs will tailor your menu according to your needs. We kindly request that you remind your guide about your allergies or dietary restrictions when he/she brings your food to the table in the dark dining room.
5What is the attire for dinner?
Upscale casual – While the dinner takes place in the dark, the nightclub does open after the dinner hours close. If you choose to stay after dinner, V Lounge has a dress code so upscale casual attire will be required.
6Is the dining room really pitch black?
Yes it is! Our dining room is set up in a way that 100% blocks out any incoming light. To keep the room completely dark during dinner, you will be asked to place all potential sources of light such as phones, watches, and cameras in your bag, purse, or handbag.
7Do diners have to eat with their hands?
You do not have to eat with your hands. You will be given utensils so it will be up to you how you choose to eat at the table. Your food is pre-cut, however, so eating is made easier, whether by hands or by utensils.
8Are the waiters blind?
Our waiters are all legally blind. The waitstaff knows every inch of the dining room, making them efficient in traveling through the dining room. It’s an amazing and positive approach to raise awareness about blindness.
9How can diners excuse themselves to go to the restrooms during dinner?
Diners are not permitted to move around in the dining room by themselves. We require guests to notify your waiter, who will then guide you through the dining room and back into the lit lounge area.
10Are children permitted to dine?
Absolutely! Due to the nature of the dinner, we do encourage that children are 12 years of age or older. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
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