Recently, I’ve done a head-to-head comparison review of the (then) flagship AS10 and BA10 models, which both offer a much more balanced sound than the lesser-priced models.Up for consideration, today is the new top-of-the-line ‘Pro’ monikered version of the KZ ZS10 – KZ ZS10 Pro.This IEM features a hybrid … This, Riccardo, is a compliment. I am happy that you like my reviews and I look forward to reading further comments from you in the future. Isolation was average but I was expecting more given how much of the outer ear they took up. Got a Question? Louder noise, such as that produced by the subway or by a motorcycle passing by, is almost not blocked at all; even people talking in a quiet room is enough to force you to raise the volume. This time, KZ built its design from scratch and created something truly new and unique. My girlfriend who has relatively small ears did struggle with getting a good fit as a result but myself who has comparative normal sized ears had no problem getting a secure fit. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought so. The KZ ZS10 Hybrid IEM was quite an hotshot last year, and KZ now released the Pro version. 4.5/5.0. All the elements for excellence are there, but they never appear in the right order. The KZ ZS10 in the review sounds different than I expected. In fact not only did he turn up the KZ ZS10 but he also brought me 15 other earphones to test during my stay. KZ ZS10 Pro has been with me for 2 weeks. Hey there! Covering headphones, IEM, amps, dacs, cables & DAP's. At the first attempts to put … That’s apparent with violins and piano in that track. Disclaimer: this is a free unit from AK Audio, who sells the headphones on their AliExpress store. It is definitely shifted towards the upper range, in continuity with treble, and it results in an often piercing sound. That is half funny half ridiculus. I am a cans-paranoid and pleasingly addicted. KZ ZS10 Pro Review: KZ slaat weer genadeloos toe en veegt de concurrentie van tafel met de beste goedkope oordopjes. KZ ZS10 Pro The ZS10 Pro ( review here ) has one less balanced armature driver per side, making it 1DD+4BA. 時間つけていてもkz zs10に比べて耳が痛くならない。非常に良いと思う。結構カスタムiemに近い装着感だと思う。 Build quality feels really good for something at this price and whilst not the most premium in its category it does feel robust and pretty hard wearing. Ok… I’ve just noted that I have to write my comment at this review in english, instead of my language… and we BOTH are Italian. Hi there! I’ve deleted it all, and write it again. I used FLAC files in standard resolution for the most part. This is a review of the LZ A7 a multi-driver hybrid earphone designed for those who want t have a high quality and versatile listening experience without the need for owning multiple IEM’s. This time I’m writing about the KZ-ZS10 … The new ZS10 model by KZ was received well by KZ fans, but issues were pointed out as well. It becomes an issue when things don’t sound good or when the tuning prevents you to hear parts of the track – and that’s what is going on here. I’ve been reading a mountain of reviews cans i’ve bought of… and I am not insicure to say that you have been the most critical, dedicated, and even honest one ever. On Snarky Puppy’s Flight from the incredible Sylva album I can hear less than half of what is in the upper range – a lot of detail is lost. These drivers are tasked with the goal of tackling specific areas of the sound spectrum. In fact it appears the ZS10 are decently well built; the plastic seems solid and durable. While maintaining an excellent standard for sound quality, at least once you got used to the intrusive upper-mids, they messed up the design quite a … I’d like to thank Lillian for Linsoul for providing the KZ ZS10 Pro for review. The can easily go head to head with earphones between $100-150 on sound quality alone and the tuning of them is probably the most surprising aspect. สรุป หูฟัง KZ ZS10 In-Ear เหมาะกับใคร? They’re almost screeching in the lower section, but then they turn to almost inaudible. I still preffer wired earphones (usually better sounding and less hassle with charging etc) but you should know that as these earphones have the 2 pin connector you can buy an aftermarket upgrade like the Yinyoo TRN Bluetooth Cable. That’s true for the KZ ZS10 Pro earphones too. Non c’è una riproduzione liscia e lineare delle frequenze, ma un continuo “su e giù” che fa sì che la musica suoni in qualche modo “sbagliata”. As for the language choice: comments can be an additional source of information to readers, so I want to keep information as accessible as possible. Its not a replica but lets just say that the housings often bare some striking resemblances to higher priced earbuds. ZS10 Pro feel more open but less refined, while the ZSX is a tad more closed with a better resolution overall. Written By Pete Anthony Last Updated On: 9-16-19 . This is the best review of the ZS10s i’ve found. infine una domanda soggettiva: preferisci unéqualizzazione naturale o enfatizzata su alti e bassi? With the ZS6, KZ opted to use two dynamic drivers and two balanced armatures; with the ZS10, they shifted away from the dual dynamic driver approach and instead opted for a multiple balanced armatures design that makes each drive focus on a narrower slice of the spectrum, thus theoretically allowing for better performance. KZ ZS10 Review - Multi Driver in ear headphones. If you write “SoundphileReview” in the message field of the order and select “other payment method”, the people at AK Audio will adjust the price to $34 (no microphone) / $36 (microphone). Keep up! KZ ZS10 – Review. Covering headphones, IEM, amps, dacs, cables & DAP's. I think from a sound quality perspective it is comparable to $250 Sennheiser Amperior over ears but I prefer a straight down cable, a less bulky form factor and inline controls for stop/start and ideally volume. Therefore it’s somehow mandatory for us to review this model. This is a full in-depth review of the JBL Reflect Flow true wireless earbuds where we discuss the features and performance to help you make a decision before you purchase. For those unaware KZ (Knowledge Zenith) has been ripping off the designs of many companies like Campfire Audio on the ZS6 for years. KZ ZS10: the main issue with the original ZS10 was its lack of coherence and the frequent dips and spikes which made the sound unnatural and off tone. Review: KZ ZS10 Pro IEMs – Budget V-Shaped Sound Rob S, 12 months ago 7 min read. The Thieaudio Monarch is a tribrid earphone with 9 total drivers in each earpiece. KZ ZS10 Review: The Transparent Hybrid In-Ear Earphones with Mic. The KZ ZS10 Pro earphones are my favourite KZs to date. But let’s start at the heights. Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. The KZ ZS10 are rather large earbuds. A small leaflet in terrible English completes the picture. There’s no chin slider on the cable, nor any kind of clip to secure it to clothes; microphonics are low enough not to need any special precautions, though, so I didn’t feel the need for either accessory. Get in touch! Violins and guitars are aggressive and overpowered, up to the point where listening to Tom Morello’s guitar in any Rage Against the Machine recording is borderline painful. My synopsis review on a popular forum incited some angry comments about me not knowing what I’m talking about. Many people (me included) complained about this as the Chinese company capitalised on another company’s design efforts and recognisability. It contains information about the features of this awesome budget earbuds as well as comparisons and recommendations. Review of Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro – When a company makes a great even more great for use! Headphones are always essential whether you talk on a phone or listening to music. Of course this is all subjective and you may have a different experience, but I always found the ZS6 to be completely uncomfortable due to their edges, while the ZS10 are much easier to wear despite their larger size. Practical example: I listened to the Final Fantasy VII Main Theme and found out that instruments do not sound the way I’m used to hear them (and I’ve been listening to that track for almost 20 years now! KZ always make a point to style there earphones well and its certainly the case here. The KZ ZS10’s shell is made of plastic, which is a combination of two separate parts. The cable reminds me of the silver cable the company previously sold as an add-on accessory, touting its superior audio quality; while I won’t comment on the audio quality of the cable as per my usual policy, the new bronzen cable seems indeed more resistant and reliable than the previous stock ones (and it is way more attractive, too), though it’s still small and flimsy when compared to alternatives such as the Yinyoo 8-core SPC cable or the AK Audio 4-core 7N copper cable. It’s hard to find genres ideal for these headphones (and viceversa) due to their odd sound signature – so I won’t recommend any. The earphones ares also quite light due to the use of plastic and not metal in the body so the actually felt wuaite good and combined with the over ear cable the never felt like they would fall out. The overall shell looks a little fragile to me, especially the connection points of the face plate and the inner shell, and additionally, the 2 pin sockets. I cant stress how highly I recommend you pick up a pair of Comply 500 eartips to use with the ZS10 because the difference in using them and the stock included eartips is night and day. Our review of the Monarch takes a closer look at their performance and compares them to other top of the line IEM’s at this price point to help you before you make a purchase. Being wholly honest, I debated not even getting this one after the disaster that was the Zs10 and the heftier than normal tariff for the As10. I find it hard to correctly hear the cymbals in The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Blue Rondo a la Turk – a track where they are front and centre, but instead end up being almost in the background. cosa si intende quando si dice “Odd sound signature makes music sound off” o come spesso sento dire che sono “tonally odd” si fa riferimento all’enfasi (o la mancanza di essa) data a certe frequenze immagino. With stock tips its a bit hot but the comply tips take the sharp edge of the top notes whilst still leaving that crisp clarity you want. In many areas, there are technically very capable but often they just get the music wrong. Chinese Hifi has taken of like a rocket in recent years and by in large it has KZ that opened the eyes of many to just how good some budget earphones can be. Regardless of the volume level you choose, bass is powerful and even a bit invasive – it really strays far from neutrality and gives the sound as a whole a lot of punch and weight. The ZS10 Pro is an upgraded version of the popular ZS10 in-ear headphone, featuring improved drivers, an improved cable and 2 pin connector, and a cool new aesthetic look: But… whatever. posso fare una domanda in italiano? With the ZS10, if anything ever happens, you just need to pick up an aftermarket cable with 2 pin connector and you will be back listening to music in no time. I think of it almost like there are only 3 spots on the soundstage being occupied – far left, far right, and dead center. The thing is, even equalising the upper mids out, the lower mids are still in the way of neutral sound – they’re quite prominent and create a very warm base, aided in this by the bass. Copyright © 2016 - 2020 Soundphile Review is a review site for high-end audiophile headphones and earphones. I am a big fan of detachable cables though as these always seem to be the first point of failure on many earphones.
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