Topic. The report was opposed by supporters of linguistic states and agitations started in many places. 31 comments. 178. By his martyrdom Sriramulu has become the “Amarajeevi” or the immortal. Again the govt. It was appointed to examine the demands for creation of linguistic states. Potti Sreeramulu fasted in the heart of Madras (Chennai) city for over 58 days for an Andhra state with Madras as the capital. He became famous for undertaking a hunger strike for 56 days in support of the formation of an Indian state for the Telugu-speaking population of Madras Presidency; he died in the process. Appointed in: 1948. “Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu went on a fast for 58 days to ensure the carving out of a separate Andhra State from Tamil Nadu to highlight the distinct culture and … This resulted in wide spread disturbances and opened the eyes of Nehru’s government. Close. save. Freedom fighter Potti Sriramulu wanted the capital of Andhra Pradesh to be built in Rayalaseema, and it was due to his 56-day fast that the State … Commenting on Sreeramulu's dedication and fasting ability, Gandhi once said "If only I have eleven more followers like Sriramulu I will win freedom [from British rule] in a year. View Comments. His death became instrumental in the linguistic re-organisation of states. 283. The best tribute to Potti Sriramulu came from Mahatma Gandhi himself > If only I have eleven more followers like Sriramulu I will win freedom in a year. Potti Sriramulu was a great humanitarian and worked for the upliftment of Dalits. Going unconscious, Sri Sriramulu said "Do not try to destroy my holy mission!". He was unconscious. The States Reorganisation Commission was formed in 1953 to look into the issue. “It is no exaggeration to admit that all these defects crept into my Rajkot fast.” Many causes. “Freedom fighter Potti Sriramulu had laid down his life after undertaking fast-unto-death for over 50 days for the formation of Andhra state,” Srinivas recalled. Today, we are celebrating the Andhra Pradesh Formation Day, only because of Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu.One of the famous and great freedom fighter Pottisreeramulu did fasting for 58 days .He started on the Dec 15 th died on the 58 th day of his fasting and his death made all Indians suffer a lot and on16th of Dec … Potti Sriramulu had become a martyr after fasting for 58 days to upkeep the pride of Telugu pride and his sacrifice has a place of pride in our hearts, he said. Background: DAR committee Also known: Linguistic provinces committee. On October 19th of 1952, Sri Potti Sriramulu launched a hunger strike in Madras. 6. Potti Sriramulu consulted Swami Sitaram and obtained permission to start his fast until death. Potti Sreeramulu is similar to these people: Sankaralinganar, Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya, M. P. Sivagnanam and more. Potti Sriramulu undertook epic fast in 1952 and sacrificed his life that resulted in the creation of Andhra state. The Chief Minister took the salute from a police contingent and paid floral tributes at the statue of freedom fighter Potti Sriramulu. Sri Sriramulu Potti began his last fast on 19 October 1952 at Chennai for a separate Andhra state and continued his fast until he died on the night of 15 December 1952. Potti Sreeramulu (16 March 1901 – 15 December 1952), was an Indian revolutionary.A devout follower of Mahatma Gandhi, he worked for much of his life for humanitarian causes, including support for the "Dalit community. Settings. Don't kill so many times like this. 0:00. share. His demand: a separate state for Telugu-speaking people. Posted by 2 days ago. top universities top colleges top exams latest news top courses. Andhra Pradesh celebrated its Formation Day on Sunday, with chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy unfurling the national flag at his official residence Potti Sriramulu: Little-Known Freedom Fighter Who Sacrificed His Life for Andhra! ఓసి-OC . People similar to or like Potti Sreeramulu. Sri Potti Sriramulu took over the leadership and continued the struggle for the formation of separate Andhra. He described “Andhra without Madras as … ... Posted by 3 days ago. No Result found Fullscreen. Indian revolutionary. Potti Sreeramulu (IAST: Poṭṭi Śreerāmulu; 16 March 1901 – 15 December 1952), was an Indian revolutionary.. Sreeramulu is revered as Amarajeevi ("Immortal Being") in the Andhra region for his self-sacrifice for the Andhra cause. The official name of Nellore was changed to Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore District (SPSR Nellore) on 4 June 2008, in honour of the Indian revolutionary Potti Sri Ramulu, who died fasting in an attempt to achieve the formation of a separate state for the Telugu people, which would later … Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy unfurled the national flag at his camp office in Tadepalli and garlanded the bust of Potti Sriramulu. Potti Sreeramulu. Posted by. Last week Potti Sriramulu, in a record fast, won autonomy, within the Indian constitution, for 22 million Telugu-speaking people. 0:00. Potti Sriramulu was an Indian revolutionary who died after undertaking a hunger strike for 58 days in 1952 after Indian independence in an attempt to achieve the formation of a separate state, to be known as Andhra State. In mid-October 1952, an acolyte of Mahatma Gandhi named Potti Sriramulu invoked the tactics of his teacher and went on a hunger strike. It was not all that he wanted, but it cost him his life. GUNTUR: Surprising one and all, including her party leaders and activists, TDP MLC Nannapaneni Rajakumari today launched an indefinite fast at Potti Sriramulu … Potti Sriramulu went on a fast-unto-death for the formation of Vishalandhra. On 15th of December 1953, when Potti Sriramulu succumbed to death not able to sustain 52 days of marathon fast that was undertaken to demand a separate state for Telugu speaking people, little did he realize that his death would become a launch pad for the dawn of Political Regionalism in … After 57 days of fasting Potti Sriramulu passed away. It opposed the creation of linguistic states on the ground of regionalism might threaten nationalism. Several people thought that this would be another fast that would be given up after some days. AP Formation Day marks the formation of AP on November 1, 1956, after the reorganisation of states on linguistic lines. top links. Rajamahendravaram: Sub-collector Anupama Anjali has said that Potti Sriramulu has sacrificed his life for separate Telugu state and succeeded in his endeavour. Telugus’ claim to Madras was denied by Nehru, given Rajaji’s intense lobbying. Potti Sreeramulu, was an Indian revolutionary. After 20 days his health deteriorated. With his death after fasting for 54 days, the demand for reorganisation of states based on language became severe. In 1952, a follower of Gandhi named Potti Sriramulu started a fast-unto-death. Potti Sriramulu. Mr. Potti Sriramulu (51), on a fast unto death from October 19 pressing for the immediate forming of a separate Province for the Andhra people, died in Madras on December 15, the 58th day … He died in Lahore jail after a 63-day hunger strike. “There can be no room for selfishness, anger, lack of faith, or impatience in a pure fast,” he later wrote. He began the fast in the house of Bulusu Sambamurthy in Madras city on October 19, 1952. Only once fasak! hide. Sri Sriramulu Potti has become Amarajeevi (immortal) for Telugus. This was achieved after enormous sacrifices by people such as Potti Sriramulu, who lost his life after sitting on a fast. Sound on for surprise. report. A devout follower of Mahatma Gandhi, he worked for much of his life for humanitarian causes, including … Following Amarajeevi’s death there was widespread violence and Nehru agreed to the formation of the Andhra state. The nation of India — at the time just five years old — was still finding shape after centuries of division and colonial rule, with many of its diverse regions clamoring for greater political recognition. Share. In 1946 he was able to gauge the feelings of the Andhras […] of India ignored Sri Sriramulu's efforts. Potti Sriramulu became a martyr after fasting for 58 days to safeguard the pride of Telugu people; his sacrifice has a special place in our hearts, he said. Play. During his address on the occasion of AP Formation Day here on Sunday, the Chief Minister said it was through the sacrifices of great people like Potti Sriramulu … Potti Sriramulu decided to undertake a fast-unto-death. Therefore, he undertook a twenty-three days’ fast with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi, and as a result the orthodox sections of the Hindu community in Nellore yielded and permitted Harijans to enter into temples.
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